Letting Your Seed Lead


The Kingdom of God is based on principles and law.  As citizens, we have been given authorization by God to use these on earth.  You do not hear to much about Dominion anymore.  But at the beginning, that is actually what was granted to us.

And boy oh boy have we made a mess of things.  Mostly because we did not know or truly believe what God has been attempting to convey all along.  You see, God gave the earth to humanity.

We were given authority to govern on earth.  But this right was taken from us by trickery and the rights we had were lost.  A plan was put in place to regain these rights at a very high cost – the blood of Christ.

My friends, you have to be in the right place, hearing the right word over time to really understanding what I am saying.  Religion has placed a shroud of secrecy over the truth as God intended.

You have to be willing to not just hear, but study with the Holy Spirit so that these truths can be revealed to you.  Jesus Himself said until the Gospel has been preached everywhere, the end cannot come. (ref: Mathew 24:14)

It does matter haw bad we want Him to return, until the work is finished on earth, Jesus will not be returning.  Let’s just look at things with some common sense shall we.

The people of God are EXTREMELY divided right now.  We cant agree on the color of the sky these days.  Everyone is doing their own thing.  Sounds like Jesus would come because this.  But His Bride, His Betrothed is so broken and beat down.

She has been believing every spirit, which is one of the things the Apostles said NOT to do.(ref:1 John 4:1-5)

And here is the result.  Proof based on the state we are in.  That is why so many believers want Jesus to return NOW!  It’s rough out here.  But is it really?  Or are we measuring our lives why what we see.

It was never God’s intent for His people to feel defeated.  Most believers are going through the motions out of some misguided duty, not relationship.  It is relationship with God that can turn the tide if you will allow it.

So, I have started working on my series of workshops, teachings and podcasts to help us all.  Lord knows we need it.  From the pulpit to the back door and right out into the streets.  This world and His people need Him.  But guess what?  His Hands are tied,  WHAT!!  That’s right,  You see God has given this unique responsibility to earth residents.  So we have been authorized to do great things just like Jesus said. (ref: John 14:12)

I look to hearing your stories of freedom, deliverance and empowerment through faith as we journey on as we  “Let Our Seed Lead”


Talk Soon.