Why Did God Save Us?


What Is Salvation?

1)  GOD’s Plan of Salvation has been introduced and received by countless individuals throughout the world.  Although we may have accepted HIS PLAN, we may not completely understand what that plan actually means.

2)  There is a verse in the bible which states “The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.” – Proverbs 4:7

3)  Even though the “fire and brimstone” message has brought many of us into the confessional chambers, Salvation is a Love decision, and should not be one based on fear.  To change this dynamic, we will address Salvation and give clear definition to the events which led to our need for Salvation.

4)  That is why it is with great respect and admiration we would even attempt, with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT, to explain to you what happened starting from the very beginning, and why the need for Salvation became so great for our lives.

5)  GOD created the Earth, after He did so, He chose and placed man upon it to take care of it. Just like a house that is left vacant, and needs people to occupy it, GOD desired that man would occupy Earth. As a part of the occupancy rule, He gave man what is called Dominion or what we like to call “Commanding Influence” over the Earth.

6)  The only thing man had to do to retain this right of possession and Commanding influence over the Earth was to obey GOD’s instructions.

7)  GOD gave man a command or a “do not”. This command was so important that if broken, would have devastating effects upon all life.   (Genesis 2:17)

8) Unfortunately, the man, now named Adam, took it upon himself to disobey GOD’s “do not” anyway. This caused countless negative events to begin on the Earth and gave birth to a new order…sin.

9)  The dominion he (Adam) had been entrusted with had now been assumed by the one who had outsmarted him. A renegade angel whose name in his fallen state is satan.

10)  This evil being had previously been kicked out of Heaven because he led a failed attempt to overthrow Heaven.  (Revelations 12:7-9)

It should be noted before we proceed that Man had RULERSHIP not OWNERSHIP.

GOD has never relinquished OWNERSHIP of the Earth to anyone.

11)  It is important that we note these events to help us understand why man is so hated by satan. satan’s hatred for man is fueled by the knowledge of GOD’s great love for man.

12)  GOD loves man in a very special way, a way we may never fully comprehend, especially when we look into man’s history. satan’s evil plan was to destroy our union (divine connection) with GOD.

13)  As a result of Adam’s disobedience, satan now had “assumed influence” on the Earth and he immediately threw it up in JESUS’s face, the first chance he got. (Isaiah 14:13-14; Luke 4:6)

14)  A simple definition for influence is this…”the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.”

15)  Now that satan had “assumed influence”, GOD implemented HIS plan of redeeming mankind from the influence of satan. Why was redemption so important?

16)  Man had sinned against GOD while in an eternal state. Before sin entered, there was no death, thus man was an Eternal being. Opposing GOD in an Eternal state gave man the same sentence as satan. Man had to be quickly removed from his Eternal state in order to remain alive.  (Genesis 3:22-24)

17)  Even though it was GOD’s choice to make, GOD did not desire to take back what He had given. Man had been appointed to care for the Earth by GOD and although GOD’s plan would take some doing, it has resulted in our place of Dominion and Commanding influence being fully restored.

18)  Man had made a terrible mistake which cost him more than he could pay, but payment had to be made or man would be lost forever. But, GOD was merciful towards man, He had a plan. For this plan, GOD had to find someone who would be willing to work with Him. GOD did find someone, a man named Abram.  (Genesis 12:1-3)

19)  He (Abram) was from the land of the Chaldees, a place where they practiced Astrology and Moon watching.

20)  It was after Abram obeyed the first instructions given to him by GOD, of coming out of the land of the Chaldees that GOD began to build a relationship with him.  (Genesis 15:7)

21)  As this relationship between GOD and Abram developed, he made a covenant with him. This Covenant or Contract was sealed in blood, which in that day was the highest form of agreement. (Genesis 15:17-18)

22)  This agreement, entered into by GOD and Abram, still affects your life today and is the reason why you are here.  GOD and Abram came into agreement and this agreement gave GOD permission to again operate on the Earth, thus bringing about His plan of redeeming mankind back to Himself.

23)  How did this happen you may ask? A Covenant is an agreement or contract between at least two parties. We can use as an example marriage.

When a marriage takes place, the man & woman have a ceremony in the presence of GOD and witnesses, setting out the terms of their agreement to each other.

24)  In the same manner this Covenant/Contract between GOD and Abram was like a marriage ceremony and though he may not have realized it at the time, Abram married himself to GOD. After GOD married Abram, he changed his name to Abraham. Isn’t that what happens in a marriage?  Which is exactly why GOD hates divorce!  (Isaiah 54:5)

25)  In order for a marriage to take place there are certain things that must be in place; there must be at least two parties, there must be an altar and there must be the presentation of blood.

26)  Through this act of marriage, GOD was again operating on the Earth, now the plan to redeem man out of satan’s influence was moving full speed ahead.

27)  This act between GOD and Abraham has done so much for us. You may not understand its full significance, stick with us and you will.  We are learning more and more. What is most important for you to know right now is this…

When you accept JESUS CHRIST, as LORD of your life, you automatically become a partaker or an active participant in the agreement that was struck between GOD and Abraham.

It is just as if you were there during this transaction yourself!   Even though you may not have been physically present, you were represented.

Abraham was our representative.  We are the offspring of that Covenant/Contract.  (John 1:10-13; Romans 8:14-15)

28)  Satan has been called “the god of this world”.  This plan had to come into being because to be influenced by satan, there was no power to resist.

29)  When you accept GOD’s Plan found in Yeshua, you are given or you can see that you have the “power” to resist!.  It is GOD’s WORD that gives you the power.

30)  For the purpose of this study, Salvation is defined as the act of being saved or protected from harm. It is moving from the rule of satan to the hope-filled LIFE you can only have in YESHUA.

31)  YESHUA’S death, burial, and triumphant resurrection, completely and permanently stripped satan of his influence in the lives of Earth residents. We have been returned to GOD, our Heavenly Father through the Blood of JESUS CHRIST or REDEEMER.

32)  Any power that satan has now has been given to him by individuals, either who choose him or unknowing accept his influence.  GOD has enacted Universal Laws, once of which pertains to Earth Residents.

33)  That is, you must be born here to have a say here.  Satan was never born here, he causes havoc by permission of Earth Residents and any legal loophole he can find and exploit.
Satan under your feet means you have the power to say NO!

34)  The dominion or Commanding influence that was given to us by GOD and stolen by trickery has now been fully restored to us through the shed blood of JESUS!

35)  JESUS has absolutely crushed the powers of darkness over our lives forever! No one else is coming to die for us. JESUS paid every sin debt we owed. He also made a fool or a Laughing stock of satan openly before all creation – meaning he was humiliated.  Now Satan is mad, even…FURIOUS about it because the decision is final and can never be overturned or reversed by anyone!

36)  The judgment against us has been reversed. Every curse – broken! We no longer have a sentence of death. We have the promise of LIFE Eternal.  We again belong to GOD who paid a high price to get us back. (Romans 6:22-23 & I John 5:1)

37)  Now It is you who has Commanding Influence and Dominion over satan.  This is a little detail he never wants you to become aware of.   Where we were once in bondage to satan as the god of this world, JESUS CHRIST gives us the power to stomp on his head (influence). We can overcome any temptation placed before us. Satan is under your feet and no match for you. (Luke 10:18-20)

38)  GOD loves us so much that He put His own SON/SELF on the line to get us back. Always remember what GOD has done for you and be thankful. (Romans 8:32)

39)  Remember too that it is the “OPTION OF CHOICE” that you have been given. The free will to choose GOD or not to choose GOD. Satan does not get to run around causing trouble forever. He has been given a certain amount of time. That time is called short.

40)  Anyone who chooses him (satan) has the same sentence… a short time. His sentence can NEVER be reversed. Make the right choice and choose GOD.  (Deuteronomy 30:19)

41)  If you choose God, you will be challenged to go beyond the borders mediocrity and just being saved.  God has ordained (an official plan) your life.  He is committed to help you as you help yourself.  It is truly a team effort.  If you could see in the Spirit, you would know you have a dream team – here to help you!

42)  Cooperate with Him and He, (GOD) will greatly surprise you. Not just in what He can do for you, but in what He can do THRU you.

May THE LORD GOD, CREATOR OF OUR UNIVERSE Bless you continually on your journey into knowing how great His Love is for you.


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